Warren fires up liberals at annual summit

Warren slams Walker over same-sex marriage remarks
Warren slams Walker over same-sex marriage remarks


    Warren slams Walker over same-sex marriage remarks


Warren slams Walker over same-sex marriage remarks 01:11

Washington (CNN)Sen. Elizabeth Warren told progressives gathered Thursday they still have a lot of work left to do, despite recent favorable court rulings on same-sex marriage and health care.

Warren made her pitch for liberalism at Generation Progress' 10th annual Make Progress National Summit in Washington, a gathering of young leaders discussing ways to implement progressive policy.
The progressive folk hero continues to be a strong voice among Democrats, despite the emergence of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential race as the liberal alternative to Hillary Clinton.
"These victories on healthcare and marriage equality show that we can win, if we fight for progress," she said.
    Warren, a former Harvard Law School professor, said Washington needs more liberal activists because politicians aren't mindful of those hoping to build families.
    "Washington works great if you're a millionaire or a billionaire or a giant corporation," she said. "But Washington is not working for young people trying to build a future."
    College tuition is 300% higher than it was a generation ago, said Warren, who told the crowd that her own undergraduate tuition was $50 a semester.
    "Those high prices forcing more and more students and parents to take on mountains of debt just to get a degree," she said. "Degrees push us forward, but debt holds us back."
    Warren challenged the crowd to reduce climate change, increase gay rights, raise the minimum wage and to fight anti-abortion activists.
    "If we want to build a stronger future, then it's up to us to fight for it," she said.