Amy Schumer goes 'Star Wars' for GQ cover

Story highlights

  • Comedian Amy Schumer is on the August cover of GQ
  • She is dressed as Princess Leia for a 'Star Wars'-themed photo shoot

(CNN)After winning fans around the world with her comedy, Amy Schumer has turned her attention to a galaxy far, far away.

And, in typical Schumer-style, her saucy spin is drawing attention.
The cover of the new issue of GQ features Schumer dressed as Princess Leia in a "Return of the Jedi" bikini top, sucking on C-3PO's finger. A photo spread inside the magazine has more "Star Wars"-themed scenes, including one of Schumer topless in bed, smoking a cigarette between C-3PO and his droid friend R2-D2.
    The images are part of an exclusive shoot for the August issue by photographer Mark Seliger. He also captured Schumer with Chewbacca and a chorus line of Storm Troopers.
    GQ describes Schumer as the "funniest woman in the galaxy" and even gave her the creative freedom to design her own cover of the issue -- a project she took as seriously as, well ... see for yourself.
    The 34-year-old star of "Inside Amy Schumer" stars with Bill Hader in the movie comedy "Trainwreck," opening Friday. The photo shoot's "Star Wars" theme is a nod to the next film in that series, "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens," which will be in theaters December 18.