Newly discovered Jupiter twin hints at new solar system similar to Earth's

An artist's impression shows Jupiter's twin, a gas giant planet, in orbit around sun-like star HIP 11915.

Story highlights

  • A Jupiter-like planet in the right spot is a good sign for a solar system that may support life
  • Scientists say solar systems like ours are rare, and finding one is special

(CNN)While scouring our corner of the galaxy for planets similar to Earth, some scientists have gotten pretty picky. Along with being able to support life, they believe the ideal habitable exoplanet should reside in a solar system that mirrors ours.

But our solar system appears to be unlikely to be easily found elsewhere. Now, astronomers may have done it, according to a new study on the search for "solar system 2.0."
Our potential match lies about 200 light-years from Earth near a star called HIP 11915 that is very much like our sun. The star can be seen using binoculars near the constellation Cetus in North America's southern night skies.