Still using 'Bruce Jenner?' Not on Siri's watch

'I provided the voice of Siri'
'I provided the voice of Siri'


    'I provided the voice of Siri'


'I provided the voice of Siri' 02:04

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  • Ask Siri about Bruce Jenner, and she will autocorrect to Caitlyn
  • Jenner is set to receive the courage award at ESPN's annual ESPY ceremony

(CNN)Siri has indirectly come out as supportive of the transgender community and people are excited.

Apple users recently found that if you ask Siri how tall Bruce Jenner is, she will respond and autocorrect to her preferred name, Caitlyn Jenner.
In fact, if you ask about Bruce Jenner at all, you'll get a response that uses Caitlyn Jenner instead. Ask about Bruce Jenner's name, and Siri will tell you that "Caitlyn Jenner's name is Caitlyn Jenner."
    Apple's "personal assistant" recently came under fire for her response to "What is 0 divided by 0," which was labeled as snarky and mean. However, upon realizing that Siri is trans friendly, some have started to come around again.
    Transgender people have received more recognition and attention since the debut of Caitlyn Jenner and other stars who have come out as transgender. Many are hopeful this will lead to more acceptance of the transgender community, and Siri may help facilitate that.
    Some are upset that Cortana, Microsoft's version of Siri, hasn't done the same.
    Others are still trying to get Siri to recognize Bruce Jenner instead.
    CNN has reached out to Apple for comments on this feature.
    Jenner is set to receive the courage award at ESPN's annual ESPY ceremony. She will be presented the award by soccer star Abby Wambach. The decision to give Jenner the award has been surrounded by controversy.