01:04 - Source: CNN
Jeb Bush tops off Iowa event with hugs and a peace prayer
New York CNN —  

Give peace and hugs a chance.

During a meet and greet in Sioux City, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was greeted by top hat-clad activist, Rod Webber, who has been following republican candidates around the country with bouquets of flowers for peace.

Wrapping up his speech, Bush was telling the crowd how much he campaigns with hugs. But noticed Webber, who had been at earlier Bush events in New Hampshire. This prompted Webber to run up and bear hug the candidate and offer the flowers for Bush’s wife, Columba. The two then joined hands to complete a prayer for peace.

CNN caught up with Webber after the event.

“I’ve hugged it out with him before and I’ll hug it out with him again,” said Webber of Bush. “He knows that I’m coming along, I’m there to spread my message of peace and love and that’s again not a wishy washy peace and love we can change the world if we change the way people think.”