Story highlights

Car drives in reverse for miles down busy Los Angeles streets

Reverse drive was captured on cellphone video

Police say driver could face charges if found

CNN —  

Imagine driving down a busy street and a car seems to be heading right at you — in the same lane.

In Los Angeles this week, it wasn’t a collision about to happen, but a man driving for miles in reverse.

“It definitely was a shocker for me,” Kevin Zanazanian told CNN affiliate KCAL/KCBS. He captured the backwards drive on his cellphone while following the car Thursday afternoon, starting near Mulholland Drive.

The car, identified as an Audi, was seen driving backward for two miles down twisty Laurel Canyon Boulevard in what Los Angeles police told the affiliate was “some of the most reckless driving investigators have ever seen.”

Zanazanian says he saw two people in the car – a man driving and a woman passenger.

At one point on the video, the driver maneuvers through busy Hollywood Boulevard around other cars and into the left lane.

KCAL/KCBS showed the video to Los Angeles Police who said the driver could face numerous charges, including reckless driving and failure to drive on the right half of the roadway.

The affiliate says the car had dealer plates and that LAPD will be investigating.