Bryan Cranston said what?! The five biggest OMG moments from Comic-Con

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  • San Diego's annual Comic-Con provided many surprise moments with big stars
  • Bryan Cranston's mic-dropping response to a fan went viral

(CNN)Every year, studios, networks and publishers set out to wow fans at San Diego Comic-Con.

Some surprising moments are planned, but there are even more magical ones that are spontaneous.
This year seemed to be no exception, with many moments that went viral online soon after they happened.
    Here are five of the biggest, in no particular order.
    1. Bryan Cranston drops the mic on a fan
    The offsite Nerd HQ panel for Bryan Cranston's new show "SuperMansion" was going smoothly on Thursday when an eager fan from Albuquerque, New Mexico, got up to ask Cranston a question.
    He wanted to know what the actor did while filming "Breaking Bad" in Albuquerque.
    His response?
    "Yeah, I'd go and visit your mother once in a while."
    This got the crowd roaring as Cranston dropped the mic. The video has trended ever since.
    2. The biggest superhero selfie of all time?
    What happens when the casts for upcoming films "X-Men Apocalypse," "Deadpool," "Fantastic Four" and "Gambit" get together? A big opportunity for a selfie, of course!
    Chris Hardwick, panel moderator for 20th Century Fox, saw the opportunity on Saturday and got stars Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lawrence to take part, along with the creator of many of the characters represented on the panel, Stan Lee.
    Eat your heart out, Ellen DeGeneres.

    How many superheroes can you fit on a stage? #FoxSDCC #XMenApocalypse #Deadpool #Gambit #FantasticFour #Wolverine

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    Superhero selfies and @TheRealStanLee... All sorts of dreams came true in #HallH today. #SDCC #Gambit

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    3. Bill Murray kicks off Comic-Con
    The convention wasn't even a few hours old when Bill Murray surprised the thousands gathered at Comic-Con's Hall H at a panel for his upcoming film, "Rock the Kasbah."
    Murray entertained questions from fans, commenting on topics as varied as Bruce Willis, Miley Cyrus and the Confederate flag.
    However, the fans in the audience weren't the only ones geeking out over Murray. Jennifer Lawrence, waiting backstage for her "Mockingjay Part 2" panel shot a photo with him which quickly went viral.
    4. The Joker in the crowd
    Hall H fans had already seen one disturbing glimpse of the Clown Prince of Crime, when Jared Leto's Joker made his big screen debut in a trailer for 2016's "Suicide Squad."
    But the panel that night for the hit Fox series "Gotham" found him lurking in the crowd.
    Actor Cameron Monaghan hijacked and interrupted the panel from the floor of Hall H. It was the biggest way possible to confirm that he is indeed portraying comics' biggest villain.

    WHAAAAA @cameronmonaghan #SDCC

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    5. Harrison Ford appears, smooches Carrie Fisher
    But the biggest moment of the convention still has to be Harrison Ford's first public appearance after a plane crash in March.
    Friday's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" panel wasn't done there, however.
    Fans get 'Star Wars' sneak peek at Comic-Con
    hanks comic con sneak peek nr kinkade intv_00012820


      Fans get 'Star Wars' sneak peek at Comic-Con


    Fans get 'Star Wars' sneak peek at Comic-Con 02:45
    Fans were invited by J.J. Abrams to attend a "Star Wars" concert that night, complete with waving lightsabers and a bonus appearance by the stars of the movie.
    It will be a day long remembered.