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There will be no more walking in Memphis – at least outside her enclosure – for Zimm the monkey.

The monkey that inspired Twitter with her jailbreaking heroism has been recaptured by the Memphis Zoo.

The 3-year-old Sulawesi macaque escaped from her enclosure into the zoo’s drain system on Thursday afternoon.

Zimm was initially defiant, but quickly grew tired of her new home, according to a Twitter account started in her name.

She felt just a little lonely:

But she still managed to keep a good attitude:

So ended Zimm’s epic run, one that – if social media is to be believed – included pep talks to humans, responding to pitches for a sitcom, to tweeting at USA Women’s Soccer team hero Carli Lloyd.

The zoo will conduct an investigation to see how Zimm managed to escape.

“Zimm had a very big day yesterday, and she’s safe and secure now,” said Matt Thompson, the zoo’s director of animal programs, in a statement. “She’s an extremely spirited, athletic animal. This is a very rare occurrence.”

In the end, Zimm seemed content to be back in her zoo home. She’s getting checked out at the zoo’s hospital and will return to the Primate Canyon soon, where she hopes her Twitter fame will gain her some real-life visitors:

“Whew! I’m so glad they found me, I was getting worried they wouldn’t!” she tweeted.

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