7 ways to make an impact on homeless pets

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  • About 2.4 million healthy adoptable cats and dogs are put down in U.S. shelters each year
  • Shelters, animal rescue groups and the Humane Society need donations, volunteers and supplies

(CNN)If Jessica Van Kirk had her way, she would just adopt them all. That is her first instinct when those puppy eyes look up to her at the local Humane Society. However, her house is already filled to dog capacity, even if her husband would agree to "just one more."

Pet adoptions are needed at shelters across the United States as overcrowding limits the number of animals they can care for and for how long. The Humane Society says that about one healthy, adoptable cat or dog is put down in U.S. shelters every 13 seconds.
For Jessica, the best way to help is by offering her skills as a professional photographer. She could see that the quickly snapped mobile photos were just not showing how adorable, and even more so, how adoptable these dogs are. So Jessica provides photo shoots where each dog can strut its stuff.
    Many pet facilities welcome photographers to come take pet adoption pictures, and these tips will help create great photos. If photography is not your thing, here are more ways you can help pets find a home:

    Foster a pet