Woman adopts dying dog, treats him to bucket list

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  • A Georgia woman has created a "bucket list" for her dying dog, Chester
  • Nicole Elliott got Chester last month from an animal shelter and agreed to foster him
  • In his final days, she's spoiling him with extra treats and oatmeal milk baths

(CNN)Nicole Elliott was browsing a Georgia animal shelter's Facebook page two weeks ago when she saw him: a scruffy charcoal-gray dog with sad eyes.

His name was Chester. He was about 14 years old. And he was dying of cancer.
"Hospice needed," the profile said. Chester had mast cell tumors spreading throughout his little body. The shelter was looking for someone willing to give him a home for the final weeks of his life.
    The dog's story touched her. But who wants to foster a dying pet? Elliott stepped away from her computer, but she couldn't get Chester and his plight out of her mind. The next day, she went to Animal Ark Rescue, signed some paperwork and brought Chester home.
    "I only hope someone would do the same for me if I was terminally ill," she said.
    Now Elliott, 24, has gone one step further. The Columbus, Georgia, woman has created a "bucket list" for Chester and is spoiling him with extra treats, oatmeal milk baths and outings to parks. It's all documented on a Facebook page, "Chester's final journey," that has more than 50,000 fans.
    "I think he deserves it. He seems to have been neglected in his past life. He is such a sweet boy," said Elliott, who works as an administrative assistant. "I have been trying to get a feel for what he is capable of, and most of the things are general doggy things like going to the park and eating tons of treats."
    Over the past 10 days, Chester has been living like a king. He gets to eat pretty much anything he wants. He chews on squeaky toys and enjoys belly rubs. On road trips, he sits on the center console