Got a burning 'Back to the Future' question? Ask screenwriter Bob Gale

"Back to the Future" screenwriter Bob Gale will be teaming up with CNN to answer your questions.

(CNN)Calling all "Back to the Future" fans!

Ever wondered how Doc survived that lightning bolt? Or where the idea for hoverboards came from?
Now's your chance to ask one of the brains behind the famous film trilogy himself -- screenwriter Bob Gale.
Back to the Future screenwriter Bob Gale.
Since it was first released on July 3, 1985, "Back to the Future" has become one of the most profitable -- and beloved -- film trilogies of all time, spawning a cartoon series, upcoming theater show, and countless hovercraft prototypes.
    To mark the 30th anniversary of the cult movie, we'll be putting your best questions to the legendary screenwriter -- so now's the time to get that burning question off your chest.
    Simply tweet us using the hashtag #AskBobGale or leave a comment below.
    Thanks to everyone who submitted a question -- you can see Gale's answers here