Audience member tries to charge phone on set of Broadway play

One Broadway patron was reportedly running out of juice at a recent performance.

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  • The audience member tried to use a fake plug on the set of "Hand to God"
  • "Being able to afford a ticket doesn't mean you have class," NY1 anchor tweeted

(CNN)The set designer for "Hand to God" should probably take a bow.

Twitter is giving a big ol' raspberry to a report that an audience member at the Broadway play climbed on stage and attempted to charge his cell phone using a fake outlet on the set.
Cast and audience members tweeted about the July 2 incident, and let's just say the word "idiot" was used.
    A representative for the production confirmed the incident to The perception is often that theater-goers tend to be of a, shall we say, different caliber from movie-goers, but NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan tweeted that "Being able to afford a ticket doesn't mean you have class."
    The play is about a young man whose Christian hand puppet takes on an irreverent personality. The show had a bit of fun with what happened, tweeting that "The audience really phoned it in" at Friday night's performance, with an Instagram picture of a "low battery" icon.