USA's Carli Lloyd, No. 10, scores her second of three goals against Japan in the FIFA Women's World Cup final Sunday.
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USA's Carli Lloyd, No. 10, scores her second of three goals against Japan in the FIFA Women's World Cup final Sunday.
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Mexico’s most notorious drug lord is on the run, again. Yet another Republican throws his hat in the ring for 2016. And is Atticus Finch a racist?

It’s Monday, and here are five things to know for your new day:


Out and about: Where is El Chapo? That is the question gripping Mexico as the search for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman continues. Guzman, considered Mexico’s most notorious drug lord, apparently slipped through a hole in a shower at the Mexican prison where he was held and made his way through a nearly mile-long tunnel to freedom on Saturday night. A massive manhunt is underway for him; Mexico’s president called the escape “an affront to the Mexican state.”


Is today the day?: Western diplomats said a nuke deal with Iran is imminent. Iranian officials aren’t so sure. If a deal ever does come down, the GOP has already deemed it unacceptable. That’s where we are this morning as world powers wrangle with Iran. Western officials said an announcement on a deal could come as early as today, which is the deadline to get a deal done. Iranian officials said “two or three things” still need to be worked out first.

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The US and Iran through the years


Scott’s in: Later today, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker becomes the – um, let’s count now, 12, 13, 14 – 15th Republican to announce a run for the White House. Conservatives like Walker because of his repeated battles with labor unions in Wisconsin, he’s won multiple elections in a blue state and it should not be forgotten that his state shares a border – and television markets – with the leadoff caucus state of Iowa. CNN’s Jeff Zeleny said Walker is “No. 15, but he could be No. 1.”

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Woman who removed Confederate flag speaks out


And the winner is …: There was a Miss USA Pageant last night, but you probably didn’t realize it, since it only aired on the Reelz channel (you have to have a big cable package to get that one) and online. Pageant co-owner Donald Trump skipped it, saying he had more important matters to attend to (like running for president and offending some people with slams against Mexican immigrants.) So who won last night’s pageant? Miss Oklahoma Olivia Jordan took home the crown.

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What a 'Yes' vote and 'No' vote means for Greece


Say it ain’t so: Atticus Finch a racist? But he defended Tom Robinson in “To Kill a Mockingbird!” There’s just no way. Yes, apparently, there is. Author Harper Lee’s new book – “Go Set a Watchman,” which hits stores Tuesday – purportedly recasts Finch, the moral center of “Mockingbird,” as racist. Predictably Twitter is not amused. Some fans are saying they might not even read Lee’s new book – which was written before “Mockingbird” – because of the racist revelation.

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Huge crowds welcome Pope Francis to Ecuador

Bill Cosby admits getting drugs to give to women. South Carolina lawmakers vote on the Confederate flag. And this is the deadline for an Iran nuclear deal.