How to spend the 4th of July: Ideas from 2016ers

As Americans get ready for a 4th of July weekend of barbecues, beer and burgers, presidential candidates are getting ready to celebrate America's Independence Day as well. Campaign stores are stocked with items like koozies, "Independence Day" bumper stickers and even grilling aprons.

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush answered some questions about his favorite 4th of July picks, in a video posted on Facebook and Twitter.
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz asked his followers how they will be spending the holiday.
    And then the Hillary Clinton campaign store is full of "summer" items that they are asking supporters to buy in the days leading up to this holiday weekend.


    When given the option between sparklers and fireworks, Bush chooses fireworks. This might be something that most Americans will agree with the former Governor on.

    Katy Perry

    Bush will not be spending the 4th of July holiday weekend listening to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A.," but he might crank up Katy Perry's "Firework."


    The Clinton campaign is selling koozies that read "Chillary Clinton," and ahead of the 4th of July weekend when Americans consume lots of beer, the campaign urged supporters on Twitter and Pinterest to purchase their own Hillary Clinton koozies.
    And while Jeb Bush will probably not be drinking beer out of a Clinton koozie this weekend, he did share with supporters that Bud Light is his beer of choice.


    Jeb Bush will not be spending the 4th of July in a pair of flip flops. Instead, Bush says that he prefers a preppier option when it comes to casual shoewear: The topsiders.


    The Clinton campaign store is selling spatulas that will mark a letter "H" in your burgers.
    There is also an apron that reads "Grillary Clinton."
    And Bush, who will also likely not be grilling in a "Grillary Clinton" apron, will not be putting ketchup on his burger, as he revealed in his 4th of July picks video that he prefers mustard.

    A word search

    The Rand Paul campaign put together a word search with 13 Independence Day-related terms, including "founders," "revolution," and "flag."

    See how quickly you can find all 13 Independence Day-related terms.

    Posted by Rand Paul on Friday, July 3, 2015

    Laying out

    The Hillary Clinton campaign is selling a red, white and blue beach towel that says "Hillary Clinton for America."


    But of course, there is always room for politics.