British base cancels July 4 celebrations given threats

British airbase cancels July 4th celebration
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    British airbase cancels July 4th celebration


British airbase cancels July 4th celebration 01:06

Washington (CNN)A British airbase used by American airmen has canceled its Fourth of July celebrations given rising security threats.

The Royal Air Force closed the events at its Feltwell base in Norfolk in southeastern England after a threat working group met this week and made the decision "based on the current threat assessment", Capt. Emily Grabowski, chief public affairs officer of the 48th Fighter Wing, based at the nearby base RAF Lakenheath, told CNN.
Despite the broader security concerns heading into the weekend, other bases have not suspended celebrations. The U.S. Fighter Wing made the decision to cancel the events, planned for Friday and Saturday.
    Across the nation, American police departments are mobilizing to combat security threats, including some posed by suspected supporters of ISIS who currently reside in the United States, authorities said Tuesday.
    U.S. intelligence and security agencies said in a bulletin last week that this weekend and several upcoming Prophet Mohammed drawing events could invite terrorist attacks.
    The closure in Britain could indicate security threats oversees, as well. Col. David Eaglin, 48th Fighter Wing vice commander, apologized in a statement on Lakenheath's website.
    "While we were certainly looking forward to this year's celebration and hosting the U.S. and UK communities at RAF Feltwell, we have to put public safety first and foremost," he said.