New York Times goes to war with avocados

Make peace with putting peas in your guacamole
Make peace with putting peas in your guacamole


    Make peace with putting peas in your guacamole


Make peace with putting peas in your guacamole 02:02

Story highlights

  • The New York Times published a recipe that called for peas to be added into guacamole
  • The alternative recipe had avocado lovers enraged

(CNN)Woe to be an avocado.

First, California's epic drought has been drying up avocado supplies across the country. Avocado prices have been increasing, and fast food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill said it would consider getting rid of avocados temporarily if costs continued to rise.
Now the New York Times is basically axing the buttery treat out of guacamole, proposing an alternative ingredient instead: peas.
    New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark has sparked outrage across social media after publishing a recipe that calls for English peas to be added into a traditional guacamole dish.
    In the column she writes, "The peas add intense sweetness and a chunky texture to the dip, making it more substantial on the chip."
    Pea guacamole chef: We like the taste
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      Pea guacamole chef: We like the taste


    Pea guacamole chef: We like the taste 02:44
    Ah -- isn't a bowl of mashed peas just a more exciting version of mushy peas?
    Besides adding sweetness to the dish, Clark was insistent that the peas would also add a vibrant green color to the dish as well. "Pea guacamole keeps its bright hue in the fridge for a few days without turning brown around the edges," she writes.
    But, can't one just add the avocado seed into the guacamole dish before serving it to keep the dish from browning?
    The thought of tainting guacamole with a lesser vegetable enraged purists.
    Some guacamole lovers were simply floored by the entire recipe.
    The official Twitter account for the Republican Party of Texas basically insisted the New York Times was inciting war against the Lone Star State.
    Former Florida Gov. and GOP presidential contender Jeb Bush was beside himself when the guacamole news broke.
    The situation got so dire that even President Barrack Obama weighed in during his #AskPOTUS Twitter chat on Wednesday. A person online asked the President if he agreed with the changes by the New York Times.
    Even President Obama preferred the classic recipe.
    Nice try New York Times, but the rest of America simply isn't buying this mushy peas hybrid guacamole anytime soon.