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GOP will have to run 'perfect campaign' to beat Clinton
06:22 - Source: CNN
CNN  — 

Hillary Clinton’s campaign aides have long said they are focused on Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada - the four critical early nominating states. This weekend, the campaign turns its focus to the other 46 states.

Clinton campaign aides, volunteers and supporters will hold over 200 activities and events in the 46-non early nominating states this weekend, campaign officials told CNN on Friday.

Events will include phone banks, happy hours and house parties. Volunteers will canvas at a farmer’s market in Oahu, Hawaii, march in a gay pride parade in San Francisco and make phone calls at a bingo hall in Durant, Oklahoma, among other events.

The 72-hour push – called the “Weekend of Action” – serves multiple practical and symbolic purposes for the campaign.

Symbolically, the simultaneous activities will also help aides rebut questions about the excitement around the Clinton campaign. Since the former first lady announced, political watches and critics have questioned whether Democrats are as excited for Clinton as they were for President Barack Obama in 2008.

It is unclear whether each event this weekend will be well attended and the proof of success in sparking excitement will be good turnout, but aides will likely use the 200-event push to show Clinton’s broad support across the country.

Despite describing themselves as a small, scrappy operation, the Clinton campaign has grown quickly since the former secretary of state announced her presidential run in April. Shortly after announcing, the campaign dispatched at least one volunteer to each state and territory.

This 72-hour spree is meant to serve a similar purpose: It is a way for the campaign to flex its grassroots muscle, especially to other Democratic campaigns who don’t currently have the operation to put together this kind of a show of force.