Be careful before diving in

Updated 11:44 AM ET, Tue June 28, 2016
02 gross summer habits don't pee in pool02 gross summer habits don't pee in pool
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Summer can be a time for bacteria and other microbes to flourish, from pools to picnics. Julian Stratenschulte/AFP/Getty Images/File
Ingredients of potato salad such as potatoes, pasta and eggs -- not mayonnaise -- are prone to contamination. Shutterstock
Listeria bacteria like to live in cooler temperatures and populate machinery, such as ice cream dispensers. Shutterstock
In the most severe cases of sunburn, people can develop blisters and need to be treated like burn victims. Shutterstock
Urine is not an antidote to the venom of a jellyfish. Rinsing the wound with saltwater or using vinegar can be effective. Shutterstock
Mold and bacteria love to grow on air conditioning filters, especially in the summer humidity. Shutterstock
Sea lice, also known as seabather's eruption, can cause an itchy rash. Florida Department of Health