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Pakistan morgue overwhelmed by heat wave deaths

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NEW: The heat wave has killed 800 in Karachi and 38 elsewhere in Sindh province, official says

At least 650 bodies have been brought to Karachi's largest morgue since Saturday

One Karachi hospital has treated more than 7,000 people in the past four days

Karachi, Pakistan CNN —  

At the Edhi morgue in Karachi, the smell is overwhelming.

At least 650 bodies have been brought here since Saturday. Many lie in storage. But an oppressive heat wave – and the frequent power outages from electricity grids trying to keep up with demand – means the morgue is unable to properly maintain the temperature at the overcrowded facility.

A handwritten sign outside says the morgue is filled to capacity. Other bodies lie outside.

Such is the state of affairs in the beleaguered seaport city of Karachi. A record-breaking heat wave has killed 800 in the city and 38 others elsewhere in Sindh province, according to the chairman of Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Agency, Gen. Asghar Nawaz. Authorities fear the toll will only rise.

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The Rangers, Pakistan’s paramilitary force, have set up 10 relief centers across the city, distributing water and salt tablets. But even that has proven inadequate.