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See Arnold Schwarzenegger prank fans

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Schwarzenegger freaked out wax museum visitors by coming to life

He's promoting an after-school charity with the stunt

CNN —  

Next time you take a selfie with a celebrity wax figure, he might help you hold your selfie stick.

That is, if Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved. The Terminator pranked unsuspecting guests of Madame Tussauds wax museum in Hollywood by posing as his iconic role, in full makeup.

As fans gathered by what they believed to be a chillingly lifelike wax mold of the character, Schwarzenegger jolted to life, sparking bystanders to jump and scream. After the initial shock settled, he joked around and posed for pictures both at the museum and along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The latest installment in the Terminator series, “Terminator Genisys,” is set for the big screen in July, but Schwarzenegger’s pranks were for more than a good story and Instagram likes.

The action star is using his wax museum appearance to promote his charity, he said in a video posted Wednesday.

Arnold is offering a chance to accompany him at the film’s premiere in an effort to support After-School All-Stars, a program he founded that focuses on keeping children safe and prepared for school and life.

A trip with the Terminator would be a hard field trip to top.

The contest is accepting entries through Friday.