Vietnam napalm attack

Updated 9:20 AM ET, Mon June 22, 2015
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In this June 8, 1972, photo taken by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut, a South Vietnamese plane drops a napalm bomb over Trang Bang village, which had been occupied by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. Ut was only 21, but he was already a seasoned war photographer when he arrived at the village as it was being bombed. It was there that he took these photos -- one of which has come to define the Vietnam War. The photos are in chronological order. Nick Ut/AP
Smoke from a napalm bomb rises over a Trang Bang church. Nick Ut/AP
As bombs drop in Trang Bang, soldiers and members of the international media watch the scene in the foreground. Nick Ut/AP
The aerial attack was intended for enemy forces on the outskirts of the village, but it accidentally hit South Vietnamese soldiers and civilians. Here, a man and woman carry injured children down the road following the bombing. Nick Ut/AP
Women carry severely burned children down the road after the attack. Nick Ut/AP
An anguished woman carries her napalm-burned child. Nick Ut/AP
More injured people walk down the road. Nick Ut/AP
Ut also photographed terrified children running from the site of the attack. Nine-year-old Kim Phuc, center, ripped off her burning clothes while fleeing. The powerful photograph, which won Ut a Pulitzer Prize, communicated the horrors of the war and contributed to the growing anti-war sentiment in the United States. Seven months later, the Paris Peace Accords were signed. Nick Ut/AP
After taking the children's photograph, Ut took them to a hospital. Nick Ut/AP
A South Vietnamese soldier crouches beside his friend who suffered severe napalm burns. Nick Ut/AP
Injured civilians and soldiers flee from the site of the attack. Nick Ut/AP
Television crews and South Vietnamese troops surround Phuc. Nick Ut/AP