Flooding threats continue in Texas from Tropical Depression Bill


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NEW: The Trinity River in Dallas is above flood stage and rising

An additional six to eight inches of rain is still expected in the region

The region is still recovering from last month's record-setting rainfall and floods

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Flooding is still a threat in Texas, thanks to the rain from Tropical Depression Bill, according to the National Weather Service.

An additional 6 to 8 inches of rain is still expected in the Texas area Wednesday and Thursday, bringing with it the threat of flash floods to the region. That’s bad news for a state recovering from last month’s record-setting rainfall and deadly flooding.

Torrential rains dumped 37.3 trillion gallons of water on parts of Texas during the month of May, enough to cover the entire state with 8 inches of water, according to the National Weather Service.

Emergency management officials say the already wet ground means that even moderate rainfall could lead to street flooding.

Dallas flooding potential

In Dallas, the Trinity River is already above flood stage and the National Weather Service expects it to rise by as much as nine more feet by Thursday.