Armpit hair a growing trend for women

Story highlights

  • Armpit hair is making a comeback among women
  • "Women should have the right to decide how to deal with their bodies," says Xiao Meili
  • Celebrities Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke and Madonna have embraced the trend

(CNN)The newest summer trend has nothing to do with fashion choices or diet plans; some women are focusing instead on how lengthy and colorful their armpit hair can get.

Around the world, women are challenging the norm and embracing their natural underarm hair by posting photos on social media.
The reasons range from feminist ideology to just plain loving the natural look, feel and convenience of unshaved pits.
    In China, feminist Xiao Meili started an armpit hair competition on the microblogging site Weibo, and dozens of women submitted their photos.
    "Women should have the right to decide how to deal with their bodies, including small details like armpit hair," Xiao told CNN. "You can choose to shave it, but you shouldn't be forced to do so under the pressure of stereotypes."
    Long armpit hair on women is nothing new. The trend re-emerges periodically; remember the '70s?
    The "free to be hairy" notion has caught the attention of some of Hollywood's most notable stars, too.
    Madonna showcased what appeared to be sprouting armpit hair on Instagram in March 2014 with the caption "Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove."