#JurassicWorld: Pterodactyls, product placement and Chris Pratt

The cast of Jurassic World, which enjoyed the biggest selling movie opening of all time.

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  • "Jurassic World" raked in a colossal $511.8 million at worldwide box offices over the weekend
  • Many took to Twitter to express their delight... or disappointment

(CNN)"Jurassic World" took to the screens with a big bang this weekend, raking in $511.8 million at box offices worldwide -- making it the biggest grossing movie opening of all time.

Those involved were exceedingly grateful, such as actor Vincent D'Onofrio, who played Hoskins, head of security at the fictional theme park.

But how was the acting, really?

    Many ticket holders thought its success was thoroughly justified, making adults feel like big kids and kids feel like, er, kids...
    ... but others felt they had better places to be, improvising with their surroundings, if need be.
    In fact, the film got so savaged by several critics that the directors would probably have preferred an altercation with an Indominus Rex -- on heat...
    ... and some argued that you just couldn't see the nerve wracking fear and closeness to a brutal death in the actors' faces.

    Was it that bad?

    No, others thought they were being unfair, believing the movie could do no wrong.
    A few even thought the dinosaurs trumped the humans in performance...
    ... but, without spoiling the ending, some didn't think the acting detracted from the entertainment value.
    There were even a handful of useful suggestions about how it could have been better.

    Was the approach to feminism, er, Jurassic?

    A few spotted the damsel role adopted by Claire Dearing, park operations manager, played by actress Bryce Dallas Howard. She's seen here shielding herself behind a man and donning sexy stilettos and a suit.
    In particular, running in heels and rearing families were two messages duly noted.

    So what did people enjoy the most?

    Well, there were some characters that many could easily identify themselves with, especially when it came to priorities...
    ... and some even spotted how the movie was possibly better than real life, with lessons to be learned.
    Others were happy to be reminded of how it all began, back in 1993 with "Jurassic Park" -- the entire series has profited over $2 billion worldwide.
    In fact, there are some elements of past "Jurassic" movies that just stay with you.

    What could you almost miss?

    Morality didn't go unnoticed -- at the end of the day, the movie was about genetic science gone horribly wrong.
    ... although some suddenly found themselves (intentionally) distracted.

    And we're guessing this isn't the end...?

    With such a colossal earning on the opening night, it's a given that there are rumors of a sequel. Although some are skeptical.
    Needless to say, it's not the comeback of dinosaurs that everyone is waiting for.