10 reasons Dave Grohl is the coolest

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  • The Foo Fighters frontman finished a show despite breaking his leg
  • He's not afraid to admit his love for Taylor Swift and Prince

(CNN)Who breaks their leg onstage but finishes the show?

Dave Grohl, that's who.
The Foo Fighters frontman fell off the stage at the band's show Friday night in Gothenburg, Sweden, and broke his leg but kept things moving. But that's just one of the reasons to adore him.
    Here are nine others:

    He's not ashamed of being a Swiftie.

    In May, the Foo Fighters were performing at Radio 1 Big Weekend in the UK when Grohl let it be known that he loves him some Taylor Swift.
    "I'm officially obsessed," he said. "She might want to get a restraining order."

    He's a decent tipper.

    Grohl reportedly left a total of $2,000 in tips at the Smith and Wollensky bar in Philadelphia in 2012. It prompted Spin magazine to pen "10 Reasons Why Dave Grohl Is 'The Nicest Dude in Rock.' "

    He doesn't even need Twitter.

    There's a unverified account with his name that started in 2009 and has 386,000 followers but only eight tweets.
    We kind of suspect it is Grohl, though, because one of the tweets is so kind to a fan.

    The man can direct.

    Have you watched "Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways" on HBO?
    The band travels to Chicago; Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, Washington and New York to highlight each city's musical heritage and record a song using legendary local musicians.
    It's all types of awesome, and Grohl directed it.

    He gives hope to drummers everywhere.

    Lest we forget, the dude was the drummer for the legendary grunge band Nirvana before heading up the Foo Fighters. Well done, sir.

    Grohl even has drummer jokes.

    Yes, he fancies himself a bit of comedian. His favorite drummer joke?
    '"How can you tell a drummer's at the door? He doesn't know when to come in."

    He doesn't get those Starbucks sizes, either.

    In an Us Weekly piece in which he listed 25 things about himself, Grohl listed this as No. 25:
    "I still say small, medium and large at Starbucks. Those Italian words confuse me."

    One name: Letterman.

    The Foo Fighters are a part of television history because David Letterman really digs them.
    They played the final song on his show as Dave ended his career in late-night TV in May.

    That time he jammed with Prince.

    Grohl tells the story of ending up in a club with Prince and being told that the artist wanted to rock out with him.
    "For a week, I held that cellphone, on vibrate, waiting for it to ring," he told Rolling Stone in 2014. "Friday comes around and I just go down there for soundcheck. The person who works with Prince says, 'He's a little under the weather. He's not going to soundcheck today.' So I go to catering."
    Out of nowhere, Prince shows up, and the two rocked out. The iconic musician was "throwing chord changes with his fingers, conducting the band as we're jamming. I can't believe this is happening. And it's happening in a completely empty Forum."
    Prince even gave up a little of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" on the guitar, Grohl said, and there was talk of the pair jamming together again soon.
    "I never heard from Prince again," Grohl said. "But I swear it happened. I swear. And nobody saw it."