(CNN) —  

It’s all good between bachelor senators Lindsey Graham and Mark Kirk.

Kirk had quipped that fellow Republican Graham, who is also a 2016 presidential candidate, is “a bro with no ho.”

Graham said he isn’t dwelling on the remark, which was picked up by a hot mic at a committee hearing on Thursday.

“I think he did the right thing by apologizing,” Graham told Yahoo’s Katie Couric in an interview on Friday. “He was trying to be funny, not mean, and it didn’t work.”

“He called our office. I said, ‘Mark, don’t worry about it,’” Graham continued.

Graham’s bachelor status is a curiosity because it has been more than a century since an unmarried man last held the presidency. James Buchanan – elected in 1856 – never married and Grover Cleveland – first elected in 1885 – was married while in the White House.

Speaking with CNN’s Maeve Reston on Friday, Graham said, “I think we’re due.”

He has suggested his sister or large stable of friends could take on the traditional responsibilities of the president’s spouse, saying, “We’ll have a rotating first lady.”

Kirk and Graham are both currently unhitched; Graham has never married and Kirk is divorced.

Both are also comfortable making light of their status.

“I’ve come close (to getting married) once,” Graham told Couric. “We’ll have to talk to Dr. Phil about that.”