Bush in 1995: Corporal punishment may prevent school shootings

Updated 3:05 PM EDT, Fri June 12, 2015
02:04 - Source: CNN
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Jeb Bush suggested in his 1995 book “Profiles in Character” that paddling school children could prevent school shootings.

Writing in the same section on shaming for single parents that drew so much heat earlier this week, Bush wrote that poorly performing students should be shamed, too.

To illustrate his point, he noted Walton County, Florida’s success in using corporal punishment.

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“The students of these schools will tell you, as will anybody who experienced corporal punishment in school, that it is not the brief spanking that hurts, but the accompanying shame,” he wrote.

He closed with the line, “To date, Walton County has never experienced a shooting in any of its schools.”

Bush spokesman Tim Miller replied Friday that Bush’s record on education as governor was strong, including creating the first statewide school voucher program. But he did not immediately say whether the former Florida governor still supports corporal punishment or believes it deters school shootings.

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Bush and co-author Brian Yablonski wrote the book in 1995 before some of the nation’s most stunning school shootings, including in Columbine, Colorado in 1998 and Newtown, Connecticut in 2012.

Miller said Friday that Bush suppor