‘Simpsons’ producer clarifies Homer and Marge breakup

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"The Simpsons" producer says he never said the couple is divorcing

Fans were upset by the news of a Homer and Marge split

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Al Jean, the executive producer and showrunner for “The Simpsons,” would like fans to stop freaking out about Homer and Marge’s marriage.

After Variety reported that Jean said the pair will legally separate in the upcoming season, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

It was only one of the bombshells about the long-running series that have dropped recently; another is that Bart Simpson will be “killed” by Sideshow Bob on the annual Halloween episode.

D’oh! Homer and Marge set to split on ‘The Simpsons’

But hold on, Jean tweeted that he never said “divorce” (nor did we!), and viewers will find that out September 27, when the episode airs.

We see what you did there, Al.

The show also tweeted and posted on its Facebook page a picture of Bart writing on the blackboard “Homer and Marge are not breaking up.” The tweet requested that fans “RT and stop the rumors!”

Fans know that each episode starts with Bart writing something (often ironic) on the school chalkboard.

Taking a stab at more controversy, Jean tweeted, “I DIDN’T SAY Homer and Marge are breaking up I said they are BIGGER THAN JESUS.”

Of course, such tidbits are meant to keep folks coming back for more as the series heads into its 27th season. It now seems that the split of Marge and Homer – who Jean said will fall in love with a pharmacist voiced by “Girls” star Lena Dunham – may be as brief as the “death” of Bart.

Entertainment Weekly quoted Jean as saying that Sideshow Bob will finally succeed in murdering Bart on the Halloween episode. Not to worry, as the main character will return healthy and alive in the next episode.