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CNN International’s team at Le Bourget will be hosting a live Twitter chat with some of the biggest names in aviation.

On June 15, 15:00GMT, CNN’s resident aviation geek Thom Patterson will be discussing the future of flight with Solar Impulse pilot Bertrand Piccard; Chris Daniels, Director of Hybrid Air Vehicles; Brett Snyder, aka The Cranky Flier and Tim Robinson, Editor in Chief of Aerospace magazine.

It promises to be a truly global event. Piccard joins us from Japan midway through the first solar circumnavigation the world, with Snyder in the U.S. and Robinson on the ground at Le Bourget.

But we want you to get involved.

Follow the conversation using the hashtag #CNNLeBourget and ask our panelists questions. They’re the people with the inside track, the pioneers pushing the boundaries in aviation – innovation that could be coming to you in the near future.

Will we be flying in solar planes by 2050? Are airships a viable green solution? What will economy class look like in the future and what irritating habits does the industry need to change?

It kicks off at 15:00GMT on June 15. Follow @CNNTravel and take part using the hashtag #CNNLeBourget.