Warning labels on your light bulbs

Electric lights have made the world safer and made people smarter, but can they also hurt our health?

Story highlights

  • A company says it will put warning labels on its packaging for lights telling customers "exposure to certain electric lights may cause biological effects"
  • Seeing electric lights at the wrong time of day can have negative health consequences -- it can keep you from sleeping and interrupt your body's natural production of melatonin
  • Sleep loss and melatonin suppression are linked to obesity, heart problems, diabetes, depression and even death

(CNN)The light bulb always makes the world's top inventions lists.

It makes us more productive. It deters crime. It's allowed New York to become the "city that never sleeps." And yet, more than just Manhattenites are failing to get their zzz's because of electric lighting, and there is growing body of scientific evidence that electric lighting may be hurting our health.
Scientists have talked about this for years, but now a lighting company is about to point that out to every single one of its customers. And they are doing it voluntarily. What's the catch?