CNN talent then and now: 'The Seventies'

Updated 12:45 PM ET, Mon August 17, 2015
alisyn camerota brooke baldwinalisyn camerota brooke baldwin
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As CNN looks back at "The Seventies," we asked our anchors and hosts to share photos of themselves from the era. Here's a glimpse of how they looked in the days of Nixon, "Star Wars" and the Village People. Left: CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota, dressed in her best hippie garb, seems a little too young for this motorcycle. Right: In 1979, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin was just getting started. CNN
Left: CNN anchor Anderson Cooper didn't always have silver hair, as seen in this 1978 photo, but he did always have those piercing eyes. Right: That hair! "Parts Unknown" host Anthony's Bourdain clearly made his center part known in the '70s. CNN
Left: Senior International Correspondent Arwa Damon shows off some '70s fashion in 1979. Right: CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield strikes a pose without her now-signature glasses. CNN
Left: CNN anchor Chris Cuomo before his hair was perfectly coiffed. Right: CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield smiles for a portrait. CNN
Left: Chief political analyst Glora Borger waves by the water. Right: CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper gives a hug to little brother Aaron.
Left: CNN correspondent and host Richard Quest poses after a graduation ceremony. Right: CNN International anchor Robyn Curnow in Johannesburg in 1977. CNN
Left: Chief congressional correspondent Dana Bash sports a floral swimsuit at the pool. Right: CNN anchor Don Lemon smiling in 1979. Anyone else see a resemblance to a young Will Smith? CNN
Left: CNN anchor John Berman seems to be thoroughly enjoying his giant cowboy hat. Right: CNN anchor Michaela Pereira takes an art project very seriously. CNN
Left: "This is Life with Lisa Ling" host Lisa Ling dressed as a cat on Halloween. Right: "Smerconish" host Michael Smerconish sports a Philadelphia Flyers jersey in 1975. CNN
Bowl haircuts and bright red outfits were apparently all the rage in the '70s as demonstrated by CNN senior Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny in 1975, left, and senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta, right. CNN
Left: "The Wonder List" host Bill Weir smiles widely for this elementary school picture in 1976. With a bow tie like that, how could you not? Right: CNN anchor Carol Costello (second from left) smiles on her brother's 14th birthday with her mother, brother and sister. CNN
Left: HLN anchor Robin Meade poses for a portrait with her family. Right: HLN host Drew Pinsky sports a much larger pair of glasses.. CNN
Left: CNN International anchor Kristie Lu Stout in 1975 with what she describes as a "scary homespun doll." Right: CNN correspondent Kyra Phillips, age 11, at her grandfather's house in California. CNN
Left: "Inside Man" host Morgan Spurlock looking dapper in 1976. Right: "Believer" host Reza Aslan looking adorable in 1977. CNN
Left: CNN senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns, pictured during his freshman or sophomore year of college, towers over a group of kids while he was a summer camp counselor with the National Youth Program. Right: "The Hunt with John Walsh" host John Walsh in his 1971 wedding portrait. CNN
Left: CNN International anchor Rosemary Church in 1972 in Johannesburg. Right: CNN correspondent Tom Foreman dazzles as a teenage magician. CNN
Left: CNN White House correspondent Michelle Kosinski sporting a haircut done by her mother. "Nice haircut, Mom," she says. Right: "Somebody's Gotta Do it" host Mike Rowe at his Eagle Scout ceremony in 1979. CNN
Left: CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott, age 5, appears to be deeply contemplating the meaning of "The Cat in the Hat." Her grandma calls this photo "priceless." Right: "I was an early adopter of the man bun," says CNN justice reporter Evan Perez. CNN
Left: Proof that CNN lead political anchor Wolf Blitzer was not born with his trademark beard. Right: CNN anchor Erin Burnett out front on her father's lap in Maryland in the late '70s. CNN
Left: CNN Anchor Christi Paul holds her baby brother. What a proud big sister! Right: National correspondent Jeanne Moos poses for a photo in 1975 while studying abroad in Strasbourg, France.
CNN International Anchor Haha Gorani is pictured sporting white barrettes and a checkered Lacoste shirt.