Obama on immigration delay: 'Obviously, I'm frustrated'

Texas judge blocks Obama's immigration action
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    Texas judge blocks Obama's immigration action


Texas judge blocks Obama's immigration action 01:58

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama reiterated his frustration Monday with a district court decision that temporarily blocked his executive actions on immigration from going forward.

"With respect to immigration, obviously, I'm frustrated by a district court ruling that now is winding its way through the appeals process," Obama said during a press conference in Germany on Monday.
The administration asked an appeals court to allow the programs to go forward pending appeal of the merits, but a divided three judge panel declined to do so last month.
As things stand, the Appeals Court will hear arguments on the merits of the preliminary injunction on July 10.
    Obama said Monday that he is being "as aggressive as we can legally," in resolving the issue, though he has not yet sought relief from the Supreme Court.
    Supporters of the President's actions and Immigration rights groups relatively speaking are not complaining about the Obama administration's approach, instead targeting U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen, the judge behind the order blocking Obama's actions from going into affect.
    "Judge Hanen's showed an unusual amount of hostility towards the president's immigration programs," said Ian Millhiser, senior fellow at Center for American Progress. "One part of that hostility is that his orders targeting those programs have been very broad. Until a higher court stays or reverses Hanen's orders, the president's probably just reacting to the fact that his hands are tied."