Phoenix sues FAA over 'extreme discomfort' from airplane noise

Story highlights

  • Phoenix city officials say there was no due process when the FAA changed its flight paths
  • The FAA says it supports adjusting some departures and restricting some turns for early flights

(CNN)How bad is the airplane noise over Phoenix?

Bad enough that some residents can't hear each other talk. Bad enough that many can't sleep. Bad enough that the city is now suing the Federal Aviation Administration.
"When I talk to my wife, I can't hear what she says," Phoenix resident Michael March said.
    March, who lives 8 miles from Sky Harbor International Airport, said the problem has gone "from zero, or non-existent, to constant."
    The cacophony started last September, when the FAA changed flight paths in the Phoenix area. Both the FAA and airlines said the changes would increase safety and decrease fuel costs, the city of Phoenix said.
    "The FAA's actions have caused the community extreme discomfort, with many unable to sleep at night or pursue normal daily activities," the city said in a statement. It claims the FAA caused "a negative impact on the Phoenix community without proper due process, notification and consideration."
    "The FAA decided to move a highway in the sky without following legal requirements to consult with stakeholders," city councilwoman Kate Gallego said.