Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell stepped on a social media landmine Monday.

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The actor tweeted "Sorry...still calling you Bruce"

The former Nickelodeon star has deleted his tweets

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Former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell is under fire after he tweeted “Sorry…still calling you Bruce” when the world met Caitlyn Jenner on Monday.

After Vanity Fair released its new cover featuring Jenner and the headline “Call me Caitlyn,” fans quickly embraced the former Olympic athlete, who at 65 recently revealed that she would be transitioning. Jenner joined Twitter, tweeting the cover and an introduction to who she is now.

No more Bruce: Meet Caitlyn Jenner

#CallMeCaitlyn immediately began trending. Jenner quickly broke the record held by President Obama’s Twitter account, attracting 1 million followers in just four hours. Naturally, she tweeted about it.

The response to Jenner and the cover was overwhelmingly supportive, but Bell stepped on a social media landmine with his response. And the Internet let him know it.

What not to say to a transgender person

Bell, who starred in the popular TV series “Drake & Josh,” tried to clean things up by tweeting, “I’m not dissing him! I just don’t want to forget his legacy! He is the greatest athlete of all time! Chill out!”

The actor deleted all of his tweets concerning Jenner, but that still didn’t appease his critics.