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Washington transit police arrested one of the most controversial subjects of the MTV show “Catfish” Wednesday on charges he made “terroristic threats” by calling in false bomb threats and other hoaxes.

Police allege Jerez Nehemiah Stone-Coleman, also known as Kidd Cole and identified on the TV show as Jereze Coleman, made 11 phone calls reporting “bomb threats and/or hostage situations” that spurred responses from law enforcement, but ended up being hoaxes.

He was arrested on Wednesday morning at his home in the 1600 block of Fort Davis Place in Washington.

A criminal complaint alleges Coleman made the threats between December 12 and May 12 to the Metro Transit Police Communications Division.

“In each instance, the caller conveyed specific threat information concerning destructive devices and intended acts of violence,” Metro Transit Police said in a press release.

The release alleges several incidents, including a January 22, 2015, threat in which Coleman threatened to take hostages on a metrobus and kill them unless he was paid a $15 million ransom.

In another alleged threat, Coleman said an individual wearing “all black clothing” and glasses had threatened to blow up a bus and was brandishing an AS-50 sniper rifle.

On December 5, 2014, Coleman pled guilty to defrauding Virginia Commonwealth University, after claiming he could get Big Sean to perform a show there. Court records show he underwent a psychological evaluation and eventually had a 12-month sentence suspended by the judge.

Metro police say the first threat called in by Coleman came on December 12, 2014, one week after he pled guilty in the Virginia court case.

Authorities used cell phone records, video surveillance footage from stations and buses and telephone audio to identify Coleman, the press release said.

A warrant for his arrest was issued on Tuesday.

“Catfish” is an MTV show in which hosts investigate, then call out people online for misrepresenting themselves.

Coleman appeared in a popular 2014 episode where the hosts tracked him down after he convinced a Philadelphia woman he was signed to Kanye West’s record label and had her pay for things like security and hotel bookings. In an oft-looped clip from the show’s finale, an angry MTV host pulls Coleman’s cellphone and throws it into a river.