Live from your desk, it's Fey and Poehler action figures!

Story highlights

  • Action figures of Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will be released at San Diego Comic-Con
  • It's the second such "Saturday Night Live" toy for the fan convention

(CNN)With this pair of new action figures, you're sure to have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow.

A toy company is making figurines of former "Saturday Night Live" comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, complete with a fold-out diorama of the "Weekend Update" news desk. (You'll have to supply your own quick wit and biting remarks.)
Entertainment Earth, a toy company with an 18-year history at San Diego Comic-Con, plan to release the exclusive figures at the annual mega-fan convention in July (at booth 2343, to be exact).
    The pair stand 3½ inches tall and wear almost identical suits, with Fey in her trademark eyeglasses.
    With only 2,400 produced, the figures are sure to go fast. They'll also stand out at a convention best known for comic book, superhero and sci-fi merchandise.
    CNN spoke with the company's brand manager, Jodie Winters, to find out more.
    CNN: How were you able to work out the idea of "SNL"-based action figures with NBC and the show?
    Jodie Winters: (Licensing company) Bif Bang Pow! licenses the "Saturday Night Live" property from Broadway Video Entertainment. Last year, we made a Seth Meyers "Weekend Update" bobblehead that did well, so we thought it would be fun to bring fans more "Weekend Update" product.
    CNN: Do you know whether Fey and Poehler were involved at all or whether they personally approved the idea?
    Winters: Typically, our licensors work directly with the talent and/or their representatives as required.
    CNN: Are there any special events planned around the release of these figures?
    Winters: We just started revealing our plans for San Diego Comic-Con on Tuesday. We'll have plenty more to announce as we get closer to the show.