6 things you can buy from a presidential campaign (so far)

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton's team launched its campaign store late Monday, offering a place for eager supporters to donate in return for bumper stickers, signs and, yes, even a throw pillow.

Clinton, of course, isn't the only candidate to raise money through campy campaign merch. More contenders are still expected to enter the race, but here are six things you can buy right now from your favorite candidate. (Or least favorite, because irony can still be funny.)
1. After a long day of phone-banking for the campaign, rest your weary head on this Hillary Clinton throw pillow.
(Screenshot: Shop.hillaryclinton.com)
2. Save on business attire with this Hillary Clinton pantsuit T-shirt. Like a mullet, this item shows you mean business but you're also fun!
    (Screenshot: shop.hillaryclinton.com)
    3. Or you can remind liberal friends that Clinton's just too moderate for you with this Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.
    (Screenshot: Store.BernieSanders.com)
    4. Impress visitors with a poster of Ted Cruz in front of a giant fist painted with the national colors.
    (Screenshot: store.tedcruz.org)
    5. Rand Paul can help you surprise loved ones with birthday wishes.
    (Screenshot: Store.randpaul2016.com)
    6. Keep Big Brother from hijacking your camera with this Rand Paul "NSA Spy Cam Blocker." (BTW, the government can easily tap the microphone on your cell phone, too. Maybe something to block that will be the next item to go on sale.)
    (Screenshot: Store.randpaul2016.com)