40 years of CNN

Updated 12:44 PM ET, Thu May 28, 2020
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Happy birthday, CNN! The world's first 24-hour news network came to life on June 1, 1980. Husband-and-wife duo Lois Hart and Dave Walker anchored the first broadcast. Click through this gallery to see how the sets and graphics have changed. The following images are from around June of each year. CNN
Kathleen Sullivan anchors a 1981 broadcast. The graphics were rather basic compared to what you see today. CNN
"CNN Prime News" was a staple program in the '80s and '90s. Here, Lou Dobbs and Kathleen Sullivan prepare for a 1982 broadcast. The sunken area behind them, fondly known as "the pit," is the control room. CNN
Lou Dobbs reports on the 1983 hurricane season. Note the corded phone. CNN
Sandi Freeman interviews actor Anthony Quinn in a 1984 episode of "Freeman Reports." "Freeman Reports" aired for five years. CNN
Larry King hosts the inaugural episode of "Larry King Live" on June 3, 1985. His first guest was then-New York Gov. Mario Cuomo. CNN
Here, Larry King conducts a 1986 interview with Jane Fonda. CNN
"Crossfire" was another signature show that ran from 1982 to 2005 and again from 2013 to 2014. This 1987 edition was hosted by journalist Tom Braden and columnist Robert Novak. CNN
In June of 1988, CNN founder Ted Turner, center, appeared on "Crossfire" and was interviewed by Braden and Pat Buchanan. Three years later, Time magazine named Turner its "Man of the Year." CNN
Ralph Wenge reports on international news in 1989. CNN International launched in 1985. CNN
Mary Anne Loughlin and Ralph Wenge anchor "CNN Day Watch" in 1990. CNN
Ralph Begleiter hosts "CNN World News" in 1991. In a 1991 article, The New York Times described CNN's "revolutionary" anchor style. "(T)he folks at CNN look like real people -- untrammeled by the pressing agendas of management consultants, image consultants, personal shoppers and the like," the article said. CNN
Bernard Shaw anchors "Prime News" from the Washington newsroom. Shaw worked at CNN for 21 years. In an interview ahead of CNN's 35th birthday, he called himself a "journalist who happened to anchor." CNN
"Prime News" examined world events, issues and newsmakers. Here, a 1993 broadcast gets underway. CNN
In one of the most memorable broadcasts of all time, Larry King anchors during O.J. Simpson's 1994 slow-speed chase. CNN
Donna Kelley and Leon Harris anchor a special broadcast marking 15 years of CNN. CNN
In this 1996 segment, Candy Crowley reports on then-Sen. Bob Dole's departure from Capitol Hill after 35 years. Crowley spent 27 years with CNN. CNN
Susan Candiotti reports on June 2, 1997, as the world awaited the verdict in the case against Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. Candiotti joined CNN in 1994 and most recently covered the trial of Aaron Hernandez. CNN
Joie Chen and Greta Van Susteren report from Atlanta and Washington in a 1998 broadcast of "The World Today." CNN
Karen Maginnis provides an update on the weather in this 1999 newscast. CNN
Anchors Daryn Kagan and Bill Hemmer report on the Elian Gonzalez case on June 1, 2000. CNN
Martin Savidge anchors an 8 p.m. newscast from CNN's Atlanta headquarters on June 2, 2001. CNN
This 2002 broadcast of "NewsNight" included reports from Andrea Koppel at the State Department, Kelli Arena in Washington and Jamie McIntyre at the Pentagon. CNN
All monitors are fired up in the control room during a 2003 broadcast. CNN
This 2004 episode of "NewsNight" included reports from Harris Whitbeck in Baghdad, Iraq, Suzanne Malveaux at the White House, Jamie McIntyre at the Pentagon and Miguel Marquez in Los Angeles. The big headline was the election of a new Iraqi government. CNN
In 2005, Paula Zahn hosted a special program looking back at 25 years of CNN. CNN
Anderson Cooper reports on the arrival of the 2006 hurricane season. Cooper joined CNN late in 2001, and his show "Anderson Cooper 360˚" launched in 2003. CNN
Wolf Blitzer comes out of a commercial break in a 2007 broadcast of "The Situation Room." "The Situation Room" first aired in 2005. CNN
Wolf Blitzer reports from the CNN Election Center in New York in 2008. CNN
Anderson Cooper reports on Air France Flight 447, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in June 2009. CNN
John King hosts a 2010 episode of "John King USA." King is CNN's chief national correspondent and anchor of "Inside Politics." He's reported from every state and more than 70 countries. CNN
Randi Kaye and Alison Kosik appear in a CNN broadcast on June 1, 2011. CNN
Kate Bolduan anchors from Atlanta on June 1, 2012. The big news in this broadcast was that a judge had revoked George Zimmerman's bond. CNN
Alison Kosik and Victor Blackwell host the weekend edition of "Early Start" on June 1, 2013. CNN
Dana Bash reports for "CNN Newsroom" on June 1, 2014. CNN
Anderson Cooper reports on the prison escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility in 2015 on AC360. CNN
Christiane Amanpour reports from London in 2016. CNN
Erin Burnett hosts a roundtable discussion on her show Out Front in 2017. CNN
Will Ripley reports on the meeting between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un on CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow in 2018. CNN
Jack Tapper interviews Pete Buttigieg on State of the Union in 2019. CNN
Today, CNN's portfolio of news and information services is available in five different languages across all major TV, Internet and mobile platforms, reaching more than 392 million households around the globe. CNN has 41 editorial offices and more than 1,100 affiliates worldwide through CNN Newsource. EDWARD M. PIO RODA/CNN