What veterans really think about on Memorial Day

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  • Memorial Day triggers tough feelings for many war veterans, says wounded Iraq vet Luke Murphy
  • Sometimes nonveterans and nonfamily members "just don't give a damn" about military sacrifice on Memorial Day, Murphy says
  • Murphy shares his memories about a friend and fellow soldier he lost in Iraq

Retired Army Staff Sgt. Luke Murphy served two tours with the 101st Airborne Division's 187th Infantry Regiment. He was catastrophically wounded in 2006, when a roadside bomb blast resulted in the amputation of his right leg. He is the author of "Blasted by Adversity: the Making of a Wounded Warrior." Find him at LukeMurphy101.com. The views expressed in this commentary are entirely those of the author.

(CNN)As a wounded veteran who served two tours in Iraq, I've been asked to give speeches at Memorial Day celebrations. It's one of the hardest jobs I've ever done.

Veterans Day is easy. Fourth of July, a piece of cake.
But Memorial Day, that's a tough one.