David Duchovny vs. Charles Manson in new series: 6 shows to watch this week

Story highlights

  • David Duchovny is back on network TV with the retro mini-series "Aquarius"
  • "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?" returns
  • "Louie" ends its fifth season

(CNN)It's summertime in TV land, which means reality shows and game shows. But there's still some intriguing scripted programming out there.

Take a limited-run series that stars David Duchovny. A year before his return to "The X-Files" he's got another big mystery to solve first in "Aquarius."
It's one of six shows to watch this week.
    1. "Aquarius," Thursday 9 p.m. ET, NBC
    Duchovny plays a detective in 1960s Los Angeles who finds himself tangled up with an investigation that leads to the Manson family.
    The 13-episode miniseries will be streamed in its entirety on Thursday after the series premiere airs on NBC.
    Those of you who are more traditional in their TV watching can continue to watch every Thursday over the summer.
    2. "America's Got Talent," Tuesday 8 p.m., NBC
    The highly rated summer reality show is back, and judges Howie Mandel, Mel B, Howard Stern and Heidi Klum return for a 10th(!) season. Look out for more bizarre acts to audition.
    3. "Louie," Thursday 10:30, FX
    Louis C.K. ends the fifth season of his critically acclaimed comedy fresh off a controversial hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live."
    4. "Outlander," Saturday 9 p.m., Starz
    Fans have gone wild over this novel adaptation and the season finale is sure to be a big one.
    5. "Battle Creek," Sunday 10 p.m., CBS
    Thanks to being co-created by "Breaking Bad's" Vince Gilligan, this drama debuted with a lot of hype on CBS.
    But the ratings didn't hold up and there will be no second season -- so enjoy the finale.
    6. "The Briefcase," Wednesday 8 p.m., CBS
    The creator of "The Biggest Loser" has a brand-new reality show on which families are given a briefcase full of $101,000. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast.
    The chosen families have the opportunity to give that money to a family in need -- or keep it. Either way, the money turns into an educational experience.