'Scandal' and more shocking season finales

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  • "Scandal" was one of many May season finales that had stunning twists
  • "The Big Bang Theory" saw upheaval in a series relationship

(CNN)Another TV season has come and gone, and it was not short of shocks. Here are some of the biggest season finales that May had to offer.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!
"Scandal," ABC
    After another twist-filled season (including the return of Finch, a vice presidential stroke and a kidnapping), Olivia Pope finally chose her man -- the president -- in "Scandal's" season finale.
    (Oh, and Quinn may or may not have killed Huck.)
    "The Big Bang Theory," CBS
    "The Big Bang Theory" saw some big changes in the group. Sheldon and Amy's relationship progressed and then regressed. Meanwhile, Raj suddenly wondered whether he and his girlfriend were right for each other.
    Leonard and Penny took off for Vegas to get married (just as Leonard admitted to kissing another woman), while Amy broke up with Sheldon. Little did she know that Sheldon was planning to propose to her.
    "Gotham," Fox
    We met the Penguin, the Riddler and even the Joker in this Bat-prequel, but Jada Pinkett Smith was one of the most entertaining parts of the new Fox series "Gotham."
    Nevertheless, her character, Fish Mooney, met her demise in the season finale. That should open things up, right?
    "New Girl," Fox
    This whole season, the group were all off dating other people, and even Jess and Nick decided to get closure (or did they?).
    Most important was something the show had been building to all season. Finally, Schmidt and Cece are back together -- and surprise, they're getting married!
    "The Vampire Diaries," CW
    We knew that star Nina Dobrev would leave but not how.
    The answer? Her character, Elena, was placed into a magical coma of sorts. So how will the show continue without her? That remains to be seen.
    "The Flash," CW
    It was difficult to predict just what might happen once Barry Allen went back in time to save his mother, but we didn't quite see this coming: Eddie Thawne sacrificed himself in order to wipe his descendant Eobard out of existence, thus saving Barry and everyone he loves (but maybe not the world).
    "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," ABC
    Between Hydra and the Inhumans, it was a jam-packed second season, as Agent Phil Coulson fought to regain control of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Things seemed to be going quite well for BFF agents Fitz and Simmons, who were about to go on a date when Simmons was swallowed up by an alien pod in the blink of an eye.
    "Nashville," ABC
    The country music-centric soap got the good news that it was renewed just before the season finale aired.
    Rayna and Deacon made it all but official as she agreed to marry him when he proposed from his a hospital bed before liver transplant surgery.
    "Once Upon a Time," ABC
    It seems as though all of the Disney villains have been on at this point, but yet another twist took place in the finale.
    Emma -- the show's protagonist -- is now the Dark One. Where can things go from here?
    "Grimm," NBC
    She has been there from day one, but "Grimm" character Juliette met a surprising end, getting killed off in the finale.