China cracks down on cleavage at cosplay convention

Story highlights

  • Women who reveal "more than two centimeters of cleavage" banned from entertainment expo
  • It's the latest example of a government campaign for stricter morality in China
  • Expert says President Xi Jinping's tightening grip on ideological issues

(CNN)Organizers of Asia's largest digital entertainment expo -- where scantily clad models usually dress up as characters from comic books, movies and video games -- say they will levy a fine of $800 on women who reveal "more than two centimeters of cleavage."

Men are not exempt from the crackdown on exposed flesh.
They will face the same penalty if they wear low-hanging pants or expose their underwear. If models are caught dancing in cages or around a pole they will be fined a whopping $1,600, as will anyone caught striking vulgar poses.