Jeb Bush massages New Hampshire woman

Jeb Bush gives New Hampshire woman massage
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    Jeb Bush gives New Hampshire woman massage


Jeb Bush gives New Hampshire woman massage 00:23

New York (CNN)Like brother, like brother.

Salem New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce President Donna Morris experienced an unexpected shoulder rub from likely Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush during this afternoon's meet and greet.
Morris, who was winded from running to grab her introductory remarks, apologetically greeted Bush who in turn reassured her to take her time. She then joked, "Oh, you take my breath away."
Bush then shifted behind her for a brief, but golden, shoulder massage:
    While Jeb earlier Thursday criticized his brother, former President George W. Bush on over spending while in office, they still have something very important in common: Their flair for the shoulder massage. Who could forget this moment from 2006?
    In comparison, Jeb's execution seems a bit smoother.