Hillary Clinton to fundraise, hold events in Florida, Texas and Missouri

Hillary Clinton: I'll give press 'due consideration'
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    Hillary Clinton: I'll give press 'due consideration'


Hillary Clinton: I'll give press 'due consideration' 00:16

(CNN)Hillary Clinton's upcoming campaign schedule is beginning to take shape.

The presidential candidate will headline a series of small events as well as fundraisers in Florida, New Mexico, Texas and Missouri over the next month, a campaign aide said Tuesday.
Clinton will be in Florida on May 28 and 29, in Texas on June 3 and 4 and in Missouri on June 23, the aide said.
The campaign stops will consist of roundtables and the smaller listening tour events, not unlike what she has been doing on the campaign trail in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. Clinton will visit South Carolina, her final early nominating state, next week.
    Before Clinton travels to Texas, she will headline a June 3 breakfast fundraiser in Albuquerque, New Mexico, according a Clinton aide. The breakfast event will be hosted by Edward Romero, a former U.S. ambassador to Spain during Bill Clinton's administration. Romero is currently a high profile entrepreneur and philanthropist in the state.
    Clinton is also expected to hold her first major rally in early June. That location is still being worked out.
    The trips to Florida, Texas and Missouri are part of Clinton's effort to "continue building for primary states beyond the early four."
    "Hillary Clinton will continue her campaign talking to everyday Americans by campaigning in several states over the course of the next month," the aide said. "These will be the first of many conversations with Floridians, Texans and Missourians about making sure the economy works for everyone."
    While Clinton's aides have said they are focused on early states like Iowa and New Hampshire, the campaign started deploying a full-time organizer to each state, district and territory last month. These organizers, who are part of the "Ramp Up Organizing Program," put together events and arrange meetings with supporters. Campaign aides hope the early and often contact will solidify these Democrats as Clinton voters during the primaries and general election.