Columba Bush raises her profile with Iowa newspaper op-ed

Politician and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (left) and wife Columba Bush attend the 2012 Lincoln Center Institute Gala at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center on March 7, 2012 in New York City.

Washington (CNN)Columba Bush, the wife of expected Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush, continued to increase her public profile this week with an op-ed on domestic violence in Iowa's biggest newspaper.

Her Des Moines Register op-ed asked readers to offer their support for the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence, where Bush writes she spent "quality time" on Friday.
"It was inspiring to learn from our domestic violence leaders about the transforming process that Iowa implemented to maximize limited financial resources while creating a regional-based comprehensive service delivery program for domestic violence survivors and their children," she wrote.
The piece also served as an introduction to the woman behind the former Florida governor who's expected to make his presidential bid official soon and has faced questions about how committed he is to the early caucus state. Columba Bush shares with readers her work for the past decade and a half with the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence "to raise awareness regarding the impact of domestic violence in our families while increasing private resources for life-saving services for victims and their children."
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    It's the latest signal Columba Bush is gearing up to play a larger role in her husband's campaign than many political observers initially expected of the famously publicity-shy political spouse. She's been described in media reports as less than enthusiastic about her husband's political career, and during his time as Florida governor was reluctant to hit the campaign trail on his behalf.
    But in recent weeks, she's been raising her profile, launching a Twitter and Instagram account and appearing alongside her husband at political events. On Monday night, she co-hosted a fundraiser for his super PAC in Miami, and by the looks of her Twitter feed, she spent the weekend in Iowa.
    Columba Bush could prove a powerful advocate for her husband on the campaign trail, if she becomes actively involved in the race on his behalf.
    Candidates' wives more broadly typically help to humanize the politician, and at least one Republican presidential contender, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, has involved his wife in his campaign to that effect.
    And the Mexican-born mother of three would be an unmatched surrogate for Bush's outreach to Hispanics, and she could help Bush make his case to female voters, both voting blocs that would be key for Bush in a general election campaign.