Beachgoers soak in 'radioactive life'

Story highlights

  • The Spanish town of Benidorm is a beach haven for many people from northern Europe
  • Maria Moldes' work from the "photographic gold mine" made her an overnight sensation

(CNN)Bikini-clad women donning bleached bouffants sizzle under the merciless Spanish sun.

Menthol cigarettes press against glittery, plastic nails.
Protruding abdomens and flaccid burnt skin create a deforming effect over tattoos from another era.
    This scene describes many of the northern European vacationers in Benidorm, a beach haven for the working-class tourists and pensioners who flock to Spain's Levante coast for a bit of sun.
    It has almost become a sport for some people to poke fun at Benidorm. But to Spanish photographer Maria Moldes