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Survivor: 'Such a state of panic and shock'
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The co-pilot in the Germanwings crash was once suicidal. The backlash against Indiana’s “religious freedom” law grows. And “The Daily Show” gets a new host.

Sitting in. Voting through. Running out. It’s Thursday, and here are the 5 things you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.


Many questions, few answers: Exactly one week after he was taken into police custody in Baltimore, Freddie Gray died yesterday under fuzzy circumstances. The 27-year-old was healthy when police tackled him – though there was no evidence he had committed a crime, says his lawyer. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is doing a lot of the asking about how police acted, so answers may be forthcoming at a planned press conference today.

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Mayor: 'Clearly he was reckless and irresponsible'


Discrepancy: A cargo ship that tried to help migrants get off a sinking boat in the Mediterranean may have actually caused it to capsize. That’s what a spokeswoman for a U.N. refugee agency said earlier today. The spokeswoman, Carlotta Asami, said the survivors were “consistent” in saying that as the bigger cargo ship approached the migrant’s boat, a large wave was created that flipped the boat over. Asami’s account differs from what officials had earlier said, that the boat capsized as migrants rushed to one side of the vessel as the cargo ship neared. Only 28 survivors were rescued. It is estimated that as many as 850 people were on the boat.

It took five hours for Afghan special forces to kill the three men behind the attack.
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It took five hours for Afghan special forces to kill the three men behind the attack.


Convert, pay, or die: ISIS beheaded Christians in Libya in a video released yesterday. The victims – in two groups – knelt in orange jump suits on a beach. They are thought to have been Ethiopian Christians. There may have been a way out for them, the narrator said – pay money. There is a provision in strict interpretations of Sharia for Christians to live under Islamic rule, if they pay a tax. The video gave an example: Christians in Mosul, Iraq, were given the choice to convert or pay.


Progress: ISIS can’t always hold what it captures. Their victories grab headlines, but Iraqi forces and coalition airstrikes are eating into the extremists’ territory. Over the weekend, Iraqis took back the country’s largest refinery in Baiji from ISIS. A week earlier, the terror group purported to be holding part of it and posted photos to back up its claim. ISIS took a big one on the chin in the north as well, as Kurdish Peshmerga soldiers cleared 32 square miles of territory ISIS previously held.

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Burundi general says president overthrown


Voting time: Britons head to the polls to cast votes in a number of contests in an election that could change the country’s political landscape. Some political observers predict the vote will likely leave no clear, big winner and instead produce a fractious coalition or weak government that would struggle to survive, let alone get anything done. The prime minister candidates are incumbent David Cameron, head of the center-right Conservatives, and Ed Miliband, leader of the center-left Labour Party. Opinion polls say there’s no clear favorite.

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Investigator: Tom Brady probe 'not a sting operation'

Those are your five biggies for the day. Here are a few others that are brewing and have the Internet buzzing.

Singing Sandler: Adam Sandler is an actor and (sometimes) a singer. Watch his musical tribute to David Letterman.

Why?: An obviously insane man goes out for a “run” on the edges of a tall building.

Happy bunny: Somebody is super excited about their daily feeding.

Dr. Evil: A parrot announces his entrance with an evil laugh.