Tips for better sleep

Updated 12:36 PM ET, Fri August 18, 2017
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Setting an alarm might be the only thing that helps you get up in the morning, but try setting one at night to remind you when it's time to go to bed. Click through our gallery for other tips for better sleep. Shutterstock
Did you know that having warm feet can help you sleep? Pull on a pair of socks before bed to speed up how quickly you'll fall asleep. Shutterstock
Even the smallest amount of light can disrupt your sleep patterns. Keep your bedroom as dark as possible for the best night's sleep. Shutterstock
Exercise regularly? You'll sleep better. Even a few minutes of physical activity a day can help. Shutterstock
Paint your bedroom a tranquil color to make your room a restful one. Michael Stuparyk/Toronto Star/Getty Images
Naps, when limited to 30 minutes and not too close to bedtime, won't interrupt your nightly sleep routine. ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images
Yoga can help you wind down at the end of the day and calm your mind, which also slows your breathing and heart rate for better sleep. Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images
Get some sunlight first thing in the morning. It triggers your brain to stay awake and alert early in the day and helps you ease into sleep a little earlier at night. PATRICK PLEUL/AFP/Getty Images