Surprising reasons for stress

Updated 3:40 PM ET, Mon October 10, 2016
08 surprising stress reasons08 surprising stress reasons
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Think you're being super efficient by tackling four tasks at once? Chances are you're not -- and it's only decreasing your productivity while increasing your stress. shutterstock
Even reacting to stress by eating junk food or skipping your workouts can actually make your stress worse. Scott Barbour/Getty Images
Even if you have a blissfully happy relationship with your live-in partner or spouse, you're both bound to do things that get on each other's nerves. Rufus Cox/Getty Images
We're told not to sweat the small stuff, but sometimes it's the little things that have the biggest impact on our mood, like the 20 minutes you lose looking for a parking space. Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Stress can be contagious. You can also experience stress when someone you know is affected by a traumatic event, like a car crash or a chronic illness. shutterstock
Learning about stressful situations in your friends' lives through social media can add to your worries, but frequent social media use in general can be associated with negative body image and prolonged breakup pain. Chris Jackson/Getty Images
When you're so busy thinking about something else that you can't enjoy what's going on around you, that kind of distraction can be a recipe for stress. Randy Olson/National Geographic/Getty Images
You may not think as much about drinking several cups of tea at once, or chowing down on a bar of dark chocolate—both of which can contain nearly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, which is going to make stress even worse. shutterstock
If things don't go the way you expect and you get upset, rather than rolling with the punches, your stress could create a pessimistic mindset. shutterstock
Watching sports can trigger the body's sympathetic nervous system, releasing adrenaline and reducing blood flow to the heart. Your body can't determine between "good" or "bad" stress. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Spending too much time virtually socializing can make real-life interactions seem extra stressful. Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images
Even people who are in good shape worry about their bodies, diets and fitness levels. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
If too many of the household chores are falling on your shoulders, that's just more stress on the pile. Business Wire/Getty Images
Stress can be defined as any perceived or actual threat, says Yeager, so any type of doubt that's looming over you can contribute to your anxiety levels on a daily basis. Guang Niu/Getty Images
No matter how much you love your furry friends, there's no question that they add extra responsibility to your already full plate. shutterstock