Calling people ‘thugs’ solves nothing


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David Love: Calling rioters the name "thugs" is the new way to shame the oppressed

He says real attention should be focused on the conditions which led to violence

Editor’s Note: David A. Love writes for He is a writer and human rights activist based in Philadelphia. Follow him on Twitter:@DavidALove The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely his.

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In light of the current unrest in Baltimore, riot shaming seems to be the new fad.

Everybody’s doing it, and while it is easy, it helps us change the subject and ignore the harder issues facing African-Americans.

What is unfolding in that city, of course, and is receiving national attention, is the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray, 25, who died of a “very tragic injury to his spinal cord,” according to Baltimore Police Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodriguez. The exact cause of those injuries remain under investigation. Gr